Even though my birthday week started off pretty quiet, it certainly changed today. Kicking it off with pre-shopping with H&M x Balmain event. It was crazy, all the people, clothes were flying. I got two of three things I wanted. First of all, I love to invest in basic items. But I also wanted one of the signature pieces, which I’ve been drooling over since Balmains RTW in 2009! I did not get that one dress, but I guess I’ll survive.

I was positively surprised by the quality of the items, at least on the coats and blazers. I did not understand what the fuzz was about in the beginning but I really liked the collection even though the dress was far from my style (I still wanted one though!).




I see now that I’ve done two blog posts during October, which is not good, I know I have friends in other countries who loves to read my blog, but I have so little time and so little inspiration these days. I’ve had a lot on my mind.

One thought has been to put this blog to rest, next year I’ve been a blogger for 9 years or 10 was it…? Second thought, is new dreams…yes, new dreams, I’ve known my whole life that I wanted to become a designer, but after getting sick and all, I have to put my health first. Which means that I’m not cut out for the life of a designer any more, well not yet any ways. When that being said, I don’t know what else to turn to, which is unbelievably weird, I feel so empty…I have to re-think everything. What I know for sure now is: I am getting married next year – yay! and I’m turning 26 next week!

October month has been a quiet month, England has qualified to play in the European championships next year, I’ve been to my elementary school reunion, I went to several schools but this one was far the best. We’ve finally sent out all the save-the-dates cards, I will post more next month, well hopefully…haha we’ll see…

Happy first day of November!


To feel that you belong somewhere is the essence of life if you ask me. I’ve moved around quite a bit. There has been many up- and downs, friends has come and gone, and places I’ve been in and out of. One of the places that will never -ever be forgotten is the first place I came to in Norway. Bærums Verk, located a 15-10 minutes outside of Oslo, a perfect little place with a rich history, known for it’s iron ovens and making cannon balls for the king Christinan IV during 1600s. Today this little cosy place is used for more common stuff like small workshops and oven museum (and much more)

I want to raise my kids here, I want to grow old here with my hubs, I belong here.

Cardigan: Holzweiler // Tee: H&M // Jeans: second hand // Shoes: Ecco


My September consisted of long working days at School, very little blog and other things. Caught the cold (feels like the flu) in the end of the month, and it still lingers. My first exam also started in the middle of the month and the Samsung Galaxy s6 phone is actually from October…



Friday and the weekend couldn’t have arrived any faster. I’ve had loads of things to do lately. School has been crazy, but yet so much fun. My classmates are a bundle of joy, love the arguments that emerges every other day. This week we’ve made the classic shirt, I remember I made one many years ago, 8 years ago maybe…I’m getting old 😛

I’ve never enjoyed weekends as much as I do now, I’ve quit wearing make up to school, even though I only used an eyeliner and a littlebit of rouge. I’m thinking of having a “shop-stop” period soon, not that I shop that much, but I’m becoming more picky when I’m looking for clothes and being a student is hard, my wallet is basically on a diet, a strict one.

 Any who, here are Today’s tee: Captain America, paired with a blue skirt and boots, it’s still too hot for boots…


haha, I just realized that I’ve been up to no good at school today, that happens sometimes… and these are all pictures from snapchat



Lately, going back to my roots and doing things I used to do as a child has been really important to me. It might be that I’m getting married next year and wants to show my future husband that in the midst of my challenging upbringing there were also good times. I’m showing him fun things that I used to do, small things, that has tremendous sentimental value for me.

These pictures is from a place called Ekeberg, now this view doesn’t really have that sentimental value (but the it’s breathtaking, and we could see our flat from there), but a bit farther upon the hill, there is a mini golf course that has been there since before I was born. My best friend and her parents used take us there when we were younger. The place still brings out good memories.