Hervé Léger RTW Fall 2011/2012


None of these dresses are in any shocking colour, the colors are soft or either dark or light. The dresses also waries from those skintight dresses to the floor- long and the more  a-lined dresses. Annother noticable fact is that the collection also have more detalis, not the “typical Hervé Léger dress” with criss-cross layers, we see more sequins, small metallic pieces and the cut on the dress is also a little different than what I’m used to see.

So do we love it or do we love it?!

2 thoughts on “Hervé Léger RTW Fall 2011/2012

    • hehe, sant nok, men visste du at de allerfleste jenter har bredere skuldrer enn hofter? Det lærte jeg om da jeg gikk motekonsulent studier 😉 Jeg har alltid trodd jeg var timeglass, men jeg er omvendt triangel altså bredere skuldre enn hofter 😉 hehe


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