Every month I usually set up a wishlist for the month, which is bascily thing I want or need for the up comming month. Or just things I want. This time I actually want two types of perfume, which smells like heaven. This first one, Miss Dior Cherie, I borrowed from my mum on my birthday, and a couple of men at work  gave me  good responses on that scent. Which means that it must be a good one, and I can’t get this smell of my mind.

This second one is also a scent I can’t get out of my mind, its stuck there! So I’m gonna get one of bottle of this one aswell. My girl, Emma Watson fronts this perfume (and Natalie Portman Miss Dior Cherie). I should wait untill I’m going abroad or something, but I need at least one for New Years eve!

I’m truly sorry for my rather dry posts these days, very little fashion and design. But next week I hope all of that will change.

I do wonder if I should make a strict(er) list with my new years resolutions…do you have any?


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