Me, my BF and his parents arrived at the hotel 02.00 am may 20th, almost everything was closed, so it was straight to bed and breakfast early the day after. It was an all inclusive hotel, so we did not need to worry about food or drinks. First day we spent at the pool, before we ordered time at the spa with full hamam (turkish bath). Since it was my first time in Turkey, everything new was quite exciting and not to mention my first trip abroad with my gorgeous boyfriend! The Hamam  was wounderful, we ordered spa pack 2 which included sauna, full hamam, facial mask and massage, it was lovely!

We spent the rest of the evening at the pool getting tanned, and by nightfall we took a stroll into the city centre, where we also got to visited the harbour. The second day we went down to the beach, and the ocean was krystal blue.

Here are the pictures of the first days:

The hotel, Tac Premier

The pool

When you have to put sunlotion on your BF’s back 3 times a day, you find creative ways to do it eventually…

My Breakfast

The Boyfriend’s Breakfast


After a very good Döner Kebab, we got a shot of…I don’t know really…

We found starbucks after two days…what a joy ❤


Playtime before dinner at Big Horn Steakhouse

Dinner at Big Horn Stakehouse, I don’t think I’ve eaten this much food in ages, the beef was very good!

One of the bars at the hotel

Kleopatra Beach

Look at that handsome man!

Pictures get so much better with my new favourite summer song:


2 thoughts on “#DAY1_ALANYA

  1. Jeg skulle sååååååå virkelig ønske at vi kunne ha vært med!!!! Det så ikke stygt ut der ass. Og ja, helt enig med at Romania er årets sommer hit 🙂

    • Det hadde vært så koselig om dere hadde vært med ja 😉 Vi kunne shoppet maaasse sammen ❤ Men vi får ta det igjen kommer nok flere sjanser! Ja, elsket den sangen hihi


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