Today I went to the pre-premiere of Snow White and The Huntsman. Where of almost all the Norwegian movie reviewers has given this four out of six stars, I can’t seem to disagree. I loved the movie, but I can’t say much for Kristen Stewart, she does not belong in this movie, they should’ve casted sombody else. The whole movie is truly a joy for the eye, the men are “real men” not the “typical” Prince Charming you see in a disney movie, they are ragged manly and though, and the huntsman even more so.

The gorgeous and amazing costumes are designed by Colleen Atwood, my favorite costume designer without a doubt, she has won oscars and golden globes for several costumes designs, Alice in Wonderland for instance . Love her!

I think that Chris Hemsworth will be the next big thing in Hollywood. Not to mention Charlize Theron (she’s allready big), what an evil queen she makes, she has really outdone herself, so beautiful, but so wicked. I think its a different tale of snow white. It’s very recommended.


Before the movie:


On our way in to the movies:



  1. Så fin du var! Flott antrekk! (som vanlig 😉 ).
    Var dere innom Trans sushi? Syntes det virket kjent, hehe! Og nå fikk jeg sushitrang 😛 Vår neste “ute-date” må bli på Trans vennen!
    Har hørt det samme om filmen, stort sett meget bra bortsett fra Kristin Stewart som blir litt for monoton. Og var da ikke noe sjokk at du syntes Chris Hemsworth var bra 😉 Skal vi se første del av Star Trek igjen så du kan se han og Jennifer Morrison? Hihi! Ooooo! Hadde det ikke vært kult om han dukket opp i neste sesong av Once Upon a Time? 😀 😀

    Beklager lang melding, sånn er det når du har sommerferie. Da går du igjennom venninners blogger og legger igjen et helt essay for dem å lese 😉 Love you! ❤

    • Than you, thank you, den kjære samboer var innom Trans sushi 😀 Kanskje vi kan dra innom på lørdag også dra hjem til meg og se star trek? 😀

      Synes Chris Hemsworth er flink, hunk og flink er ikke en dårlig kombo altså 😉 hihihi

      Hadde ikke gjort meg noe om han dukket om i once upon a time, da er det bare mer grunn til at jeg fortsetter å se på 😉

      • Haha! Jeg er flink! Eller så har jeg bare vært innom Trans for mange ganger 😛
        Det kan vi gjøre 😀 woho! sushi! eller som noen trøndere sier; SUSJi 😛 Hihi 😉

        Kan godt se Star Trek igjen 🙂 Du har Chris Hemsworth og Chris Pine, og jeg har Quinto 😉 Men neste år har jeg Quinto OG Benedict Cumberbatch! Og da SKAL vi to se den på Ringen Kino igjen 😀 Var så koselig/gøy da vi så den første filmen der 🙂

      • Skriv det opp på Emma og Christina filmlisten 😉 Jeg kommer til å sjekke om du har satt den opp når jeg kommer 😉 😛 Hahaha!

  2. Hi..
    Nice blog..The only thing that is a bit odd, is that you being a designer, have absolutely no idea on how you should dress yourself! That dress you have on is a BIG mistake. Your blazer and your tote too! It doesn’t fit you well. Your belt makes you look bigger from the middle and down..you should wear high heels and a shorter jacket..! And no frills..just a simple dress. Don’t take me wrong, you seem to be a nice girl 🙂

    • Hi Marie,

      Thank you for liking my blog. Being a designer does not necessarily mean that I know how to dress, I have never stated that I am an expert on how to dress or what I recommend others to wear or that I am a fashionista, but then again when it comes to how I dress, I dress however I like and in what I feel is comfy. I’ll remember your advice -thank you. But I don’t like high heels, my blazer is from when I was a size 14 or 16 so it is big, I like it that way. My tote, I love it, bring it with me everywhere I go. So thanks for pointing out what you didn’t like, but I think I’ll stick with my own style. We are all allowed to have our own opinion.

      I design gowns and dresses, because they are timeless, I don’t have to worry about the latest fashion and trends and shoes etc not that I have ever cared for the latest trends, more for what I feel fits and what I feel comfortable wearing…thanks for taking time to analyse my outfit so carefully, you must have loads of time on your agenda, you seem like a nice girl yourself..I guess 🙂

    • Dear Marie, You must have loads of time on your hands. Who’s got the time to sit and analyze what people are wearing? And why do you care? I think it was very provocing that you write “don’t get me wrong” but you didn’t have any positive thing to say besides “nice blog” and “You seem to be a nice girl”. Maybe you have some self esteem issues, or maybe you don’t know how to dress, or maybe you didn’t like the outfit, I have a suggestion: in stead of wrapping your ugly mean comment in to something that seems to be a nice, but not so nice comment, what about shutting your ugly but possibly nice mouth and not comment? Try to show a little respect…oh btw you remind me of a “friend” of hers that used to live in the room next door…the way you write this is so disrespectful and childish. Get a freakin’ life!

      I think you look great baby! I love that you wear whatever you like and feel comfy and that you don’t wear heels because you don’t like it, beauty does not mean pain or that you have to wear the latest trends or a “simple” dress. Nobody ever tells Betsy Johnson for instance how she should or cannot dress. she wouldn’t care anyways 😉 Love you evy

  3. I love your style. And regardless of what one single person thinks, I know you have people looking upto you for both the way you dress and the design. The subtext of that text of yours, Marie, was basicly that you didn’t like anywhing of what she was wearing, what about minding your own business and if you don’t have anything better to write -just don’t write it? Anywho, love that u don’t care. xx


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