Royaye Sefid III – ”Mayalu” 2013

I think Leila Hafzi must be my new and favourite designer. It’s not just the beautiful dresses, it’s her work ethics as well. Her production is set in Nepal, where she has established an ethical and eco conscious business, an working environment, which acknowledges the human rights, she gives jobless women in Nepal a place to work. Empowering them to have a job through fashion, giving them “pride and economic freedom” as she says in her introduction video, on her home page.

This is very admirable. It’s so respectful what she does, and I really look up to her as a designer-student and as a person. She does something unique, she makes a change out there, co-operating it with what she loves. Design. Wedding dresses.

I was lucky enough to get an invite to her 2013 bridal show, because I’m looking for my perfect dress “The dress”, “the one-and-only”, without saying further…but, sadly for me, amongst all these beautiful and gorgeous dresses, I could not find the one that screamed my name. I think I’m looking for more laces. But I might just pick Leila Hafzi for my brides-made dresses. Which means I have to start saving…soon. But then again, there will be more collections from this talented designer. I am so looking forward to them!

Anyway, here are some of my favourites (photos by me): IMG_5766IMG_5772  IMG_5806IMG_5808IMG_5793IMG_5798





15 thoughts on “#OFW2013_LEILA_HAFZI

    • I feelt pretty special! we’re planning to tie the knot in about 3-4 years because I just started studying and want to be done with all that before spending money on a wedding etc. But I’m trying to find some inspiration in this big ocean of dresses and venues etc! hehe

  1. Hello my sweetheart ,
    Thank you for sharing your own website about fashions & your very cute design clothes … I love the white shirt and very short black pant , it ‘s very sexy and fit with your body ….And your grandma , she loves to see it , too !
    We are so sorry …to know about your health have a problem diabete . Please ! try to eat healthy food and take more advises from your doctor …..before it ‘s too late …!
    We love and feel proud of about you , our smart girl …
    Whising you & your family have a good health and lucky .
    love you
    Ma Hai

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