Like most girls I like shopping. Specially online shopping. Lately I’ve been curious about a new site, which have been on commercials on tv for a while. The site name is Zalando. Have you heard of it?

My criteria for using a site like this is:

– Fast delivery
– Shipping cost
– loads to chose from
– clearance costs

I searched through all of the amazing things they’ve got on Zalando. The best part is that they have things for both men, women AND children: clothes, shoes, accessories from well-known brands from all over the world I dare say (at least well-known European brands), sportswear, and they even got a home department. I found a lovely purse, and I just had to buy it! There are also some shoes that are on my wishlist. The shipping was free, and so are the return (if you want to return your item), I saved so much money just on that. Perfect for me, I hate spending more money on the shipping costs than the things I’ve purchased. This is a site I’m using more, I don’t need to worry about the clearance either!

I definitely, in good shopping sportsmanship recommend everyone to enter Zalando’s sites and have a look. I found this cute purse:


I was stoked! and after a couple of days, actually 4, the purse was waiting for me at the local post office. I was so surprised when it ONLY took 4 days! So when I got my package it looked more like this (and boy was I satisfied -oh, yes I was):

IMG_6038 IMG_6041 IMG_6043

I can’t wait to start using this




8 thoughts on “#ZALANDO

  1. I’ve been checking out Zalando all day and I have to say I love this site! They have so many gorgeous pieces. I don’t buy so much clothes online, but accessories -LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! A recommended site. Unfortunately I could not see if they shipped to other countries than countries within EU and Europe. Other than that it’s a perfect site!

  2. Så fin veske!!! Merker at nå klør det i fingrene mine etter å titte innom siden! 😉 Kanskje det må bli litt nettshopping når jeg kommer innom på torsdag 😛


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