Jennifer Lawrence Vogue Italia  Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue Italy (December 2012) photo shoot by Mark Seligerlaw-it-5

I think everyone has been bitten by the jen-bug (including myself), almost every blogposts I’ve read today has something to do with Jennifer Lawrence winning Oscar for best actress in a leading role. Well, I really love Jen, and she is a true and healthy role-model, not to mention extremely talented, and she looked so amazing on the red carpet as well, she so deserved to win, congratz to her.

I am celebrating it with sharing an editorial I really loved. It was hard for me to decide whether I should post this or the Miss Dior ad, because she looks great in both, but there is quite a difference between the Dior ad and this editorial in Vogue. I had to go with the one I felt represented my blog and my style. Enjoy!



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