IMG_8508 IMG_8525 IMG_8532 IMG_8536We had to get out of the house for a while today eventhough everything was closed because of ascension day, we were feeling reckless. As we went out it started raining, and we didn’t bring our own umbrellas, so we found a little foreigner store that sold umbrellas, I have always wanted a (big) red one, and luckily I found one. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw for a moment there, minus the outfit. At least now I have a perfect excuse to dress up on a rainy day to capture Carrie Bradshaw’s paris moment. Oh and I had a make-up-less day today, wearling no make-up.




  1. Great choice on the red umbrella! I’ve been looking for a red umbrella with white polka-dots, but no luck so far. Do you think it’s too Minnie? LOL! Anyway, looks like you got many wears out of this leather jacket:)

    • I think that it all depends on what your outfit looks like, other than that I think you will find a pretty outfit with an umbrella like that 😉 hehe

      And yeah, I didn’t realize it before you mentioned it! favorite leather jacket that one 😉

  2. I love all your outfit post 😉 And your a natural beauty, I know you only use eyeliner when you’re wearing make-up, it makes the smallest difference ❤ xx

  3. How could I have missed this lovely post while I subscribed to your blog via email?? WordPress -_- Anyway, you always look fabulous even if you are not wearing make up! Natural beauty! And I want your jacket so badly haha!!!

  4. Herre du er jo knallfin her! Skikkelig stilig antrekk=) Spesielt, og jeg tror ikke så mange andre kunne gjort det så bra asså


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