I had such a great day with my favourite people in the world, we were inside for the most part at least for the champagne breakfast. And later on that day I had dinner with my bestie Emma.

IMG_8941IMG_8936IMG_8922IMG_8951 IMG_8952 IMG_8954

IMG_8980    IMG_8979         IMG_9009IMG_9033IMG_9044IMG_9057 IMG_8973 IMG_8967

14 thoughts on “MAY 17th: NORWAYS CONSTITUTION DAY

  1. Lovely pictures, Hun! Norway’s Constitution Day seems like so much fun! Oh and your cake looks delicious!! Yummmm 😀

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  3. hey!
    I just bought the “festdrakt” you have on, but I’m so worried about the size, what size do u have here? 34/36? or 38/40?
    I wish there was one of 36/38!!
    I bought the same one as u only in blue! – it looks really nice 🙂 🙂

    • Mine is 38/40 – I’m a typical 38, but this one was a bit tight above the bust. But there is seems inside where you can make it wider. So I think it will fit you nicely. I’m very satisfied with mine 🙂


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