We were so lucky we got tickets to se this movie! I am a tomboy when it comes to movies always has been. Lately I’ve watch all the Avengers caracters movie, which I love, mostly because I used to read some of the comics as a young girl. I also love the new Star Trek movies and not to mention Star Wars (which I proudly introduced to my fiancé, I was so shocked when he told me he’d never seen the series). And lately I’ve been gaming much Skyrim…Shocked?

Well, I love hard contrasts. I like all the feminine stuff, doing my hair, going to the spa, get a man, ped, get my facial mask on and watch a chick flick whilst having a foot bath. I love shopping, fashion, scarpbooking, baking, drawing, dancing, singing and the list is long. Why can’t a girl do manly things as well? In contrast to all this I love American Football, I like gaming skyrim on the PS3 (and I am glad to discuss the three last subject with whomever), and before I met the love of my life, I used to hang my own photos on the wall and put together furniture by my own…I know some of you think that a girl should do girly things, you want to know a little secret..? That’s so F*****G B******T. Sorry for my bad and inapropriate language. I think what I’m trying to say is it nothing wrong in liking guy-things, I find it fun most of the times and more drama-free. haha and me and my boy have more in common and more fun things to learn from eachother.

So why not combine something feminine with some thing masculine. Take this for instance me dashing at the pre-premiere of Fast And The Furious 6.

IMG_9160IMG_9154IMG_9154 copy IMG_9170 IMG_9171 IMG_9176



  1. Haha nice pictures babe!! I’m not a really a fast fan and I wasn’t planning to see fast6 either..but after reading your post I might give it a try, right? :p And I was laughing when u said that your fiancé hasn’t watched starwars…but errrr shall I tell you a secret? So did I haha! Not only starwars, but also other “classic movies” such as matrix, harry potter, twilight etc:p Yup, i know, people will ask me: “where the hell have u been?” 😛

    • Haha, you are sooo sweet! It’s all about intrest I think. I used to read Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, read marvel comics and I also used to draw/sketch as a young girl so everything comes from there. And I love some male muscle on the big screen sometimes 😉 haha

      BUT you are going to see “THE GREAT GATSBY” I hope, I hear it’s a fashion masterpiece. Loads of nice dresses from 1920s 😀

      • Wow, you are very talented, my girl! 🙂 I’ve just started sketching 5-6 months ago and I didn’t know I was able to draw something on paper! It all started with the céline bag hahaha (funny isn’t it? :P)

        Oh yeah, I also love to see handsome guys and muscles haha! Actually I like Dwayne Johnson, I think he is handsome, don’t you think? :p

        Definitely! I want to see that movie so badly! I’m trying to convince my friend to watch this movie :p Have you seen it yet? xox

      • I think you are talented if you only only started half a year ago 😀 The smallest thing can start the most creative wave 😉

        My fiancé is a big fan of the rock, I like him too, but all in all I love the whole cast and crew for fast and the furious. But YES he is handsome! 🙂

        If we lived in the same city you would’t have to has me twice, I have not seen it yet, no time yet. But I have to see it soon 😉

  2. Enig med du – why not? Jeg er nok som deg, litt begge deler. Stilen min kan være blanda. Jeg er også den av oss i forholdet som spiller fotball og ser filmer som F&F. Så 6’ern i går på jentekveld 😉

    • Det er helt fantastisk! 🙂 Jeg synes det bare er kult. Har noen venninner som ikke synes det er noe kult å snakke om annet enn “jente” ting, det er litt kjedelig av og til 😛 haha

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