Yesterday was yet annother crazy day. I fell asleep 8 am…which is rarely NOT a good sign since it was it also was Beyoncés concert today. I have had some rough couple og nights and have had a bit of high blood sugar, so going to a consert without medication was a challenge as I was starting to feel really ill in the midle of the consert, I was almost sure I was going to pass out…luckily I didn’t !I dont think that I will be going to any more conserts at Telenor Arena this year, which must be the worst venue for conserts…EVER!

Queen B, she was amazing. Unfortinatley for her the sound system and venue in Oslo sucks, the sound was too high at points where you only heard like noises from the band and shouting from Beyonce. Unlike my expreience with concerts in other countries like the UK..THIS    WAS    BAD! Shame on those sound technicians!

20130528_180146_1Screenshot_2013-05-29-01-05-56 IMG_9397

Other than that I spent 1,5 hour getting home and had to stay awake a bit to get some extra insulin. I swear for those of you who got a bit worried on my behalf, I will never try doing something so wreckless again. I will devote my time on getting the diabetes under control.


7 thoughts on “QUEEN B IN OSLO

    • I had such a great time 😉 And I’m slowly learning to take better care of myself, I think I’m just being so stubborn sometimes, but you are so right, health should be my top priority 🙂

  1. Huff så mye som skulle ødeleggen denne gledens konsertdag da! Har hørt at det er forferdelig opplegg der ja. Sykt at det er mulig synes jeg da..

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