I have been looking for facial products that really works with my oily skin. Since I’ve got diabetes too, my skin changes quickly, which makes it hard for me to find products that helpes my skin. Lately organic products for my skin has worked the best and I was recommended to try Pangea Organics, I haven’t tried it yet, since I picked it up from the post office just now. I’ll let you guys know what I think of it in a weeks time 🙂


5 thoughts on “NEW IN: PANGEA ORGANICS

  1. I hope it works, sweetie! I also have an oily skin but the skincare products of body shop don’t work for me.. 😦

    • Do they sell this on body shop? 😛 the skin products I used to buy from Body Shop did not work on me either. I have also tried different types from the pharmacy with no good results and some from clinique and biotherm with no luck, but I found this on from USA ❤


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