November 7 was my birthday and the week of 45 was my birthday week. You see I am often (if not always) about “go big or go home”. I like the pompous and over the top theme parties, I think it runs in my family, as I take inspiration from my mummy.

So week 45 of the year was a crazy week. Lots of meetings, doctor appointments and separate birthday parties with friends and family.


We started of with a romantic date for two, just me and my man.
I wore a neon green dress from H&Ms concious collection ss13, a black blazer from Zara and nude pumps from roots.

20131106_224418 20131106_222511


On my my actual birthday November 7, I came home to a surprise party my sister, Line, hosted for me. I have never been so surprised before. She had invited some of my closest friends, including my brother. Which was amazing. They had baked cake and my fav cupcakes in the whole world: Blueberry cupcakes with lemon butter cheese frosting. And served home made tapas. yummy!



I had a girls night out with my girls on Saturday. We dined at Hard Rock Café, had some drinks at Blue Bar and went dancing at T.G.F Fridays. And FYI I did not drink. I’ve also gotten so many beautiful gifts this year. Including my laptop from myself to me! Think I have to write a separate post on that. It’s not for bragging, just to let my friends know that I’m very thankful and since this is my first birthday with Diabetes it has an even bigger sentimental value for me, as I am from a less fortunate family, to get what I wished for means more than words can describe.


7 thoughts on “MY BIRTHDAY WEEK

    • wordpress is acting weird sometimes, good that you figured it put eventually.

      I had a great time, thanks. It was good to get my mind on something else. I love and miss you too ❤

  1. Wow! Dette var ikke verst. Virkelig litt av alt =) Virker som ei utrolig flott uke, og hvorfor ikke? Du virker jo som en utrolig bra person =)

  2. Wow!! You are looking good as always Chris! 😀 Soo cute that your lil sis has arranged a surprise party for you! You were probably overwhelmed by the love of your lovely friends and family! So awesome! 😀 And omg you’re so young! Nxt year I will turn 26 yrs old..I’m really getting old haha! •_•”

    • She is the best, I was very overwhelmed, since it was my first year with the diabetes and all I did not think it would be so great, but it turned out way better than expected. haha as far as age go, you look young and pretty. I thought you were 20-21 😉

      • Aww I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday surprise party my dear! 🙂 Haha wow, 20/21 yrs? That was a long long time ago haha! We, Asians, usually look younger at the first place hehe..but did you really think that? I take that as a compliment, thanks babe hehe 😉

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