I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I have since the last time I posted anything sprained my hand the mid knuckle and mid-finger. I’ve been to the ER and taken x-rays and nothing was broken, thank God!

Last night we had a little Santa party/Christmas gathering with Christmas tapas as well as exchanging gifts with each other.

IMG_4040 IMG_4035 IMG_4050 IMG_4048 IMG_4058 IMG_4056

Like we did on my food sharing night, we all made something to share, so much yummy food and good drinks. On the table you can see some salmon, scrambled eggs, Christmas Brawn with apricot, bacon wrapped dates, serrano ham with melon, pork ribs, home made potato salad, wraps and some good typical Norwegian rice porridge with one almond in (the ones who gets the almonds gets a little prize)

I hope you all enjoy this pre-Christmas time, I know I do.

WrapsSerrano Ham and MelonBacon wrapped datesPork RibsChristmas brawns with apricotIMG_4055IMG_4052IMG_4053



  1. Hell i uhell da, men nå har du hatt nok uflaks for neste år også da! For en flott måte å overlevere pakker på da! Så utrolig koselig ut =)

    • Jeg håper virkelig at jeg er ferdig med uflaksen for neste år ja! 😀 Ja, har vært en tradisjon i min venneflokk at vi samles før jul og spiser grøt (i år ble det tapas også) og mot slutten får alle gaver 😉

  2. Welcome back, Chris! I’ve missed you and I’m glad you are doing well!! 🙂 I like Christmas gatherings as well, it’s always nice to see friends and family having fun at the party 🙂 What kind of gifts did you get for your friends? 🙂 And I want your dress so badly! The texture, the cutting, the length are just too perfect! I’ve been looking for such dress for a very long time now! xo

    • Thank you sweetie, I sprained my finger so have had a bandage on and it has been so hard using both hands on my computer. I love Christmas gatherings too 🙂

      Oh and my dress is actually to pieces, its a top and a skirt. but I do think I saw a dress like that on H&M. The top is from H&M and the skrit is from Zara 🙂

      • Ouch..How come you’ve sprained your finger? 😦 I can imagine that you had difficulties when you were working on your pc at that time..But I’m glad you’re doing fine now!! Btw, yesterday I went to Zara and H&M but I couldn’t find those items or something which was similar to them 😦 But it’s ok! The winter sale is about to come, hopefully I’d get something chic hehe 😀

      • I fell in the stairs, on my up (haha don’t ask me how I managed to do that) Oh I’m sorry you did’nt find the items you wanted 😦 I hope you find some gorgeous items during the winter sale 😀

      • Morning Chris! Oh boy..that was such a hard way to fall! You must be shocked! Oh and don’t bother! I’m pretty sure there are a lot of clothes which will catch my attention during shopping hehe:)

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