Okay, this is not a sponsored post, but I just had to write about it! I’ve been looking for a leave-in hair product to use during the stingy cold winter in Norway, but never found the right product for my Asian hair. I have not been troubled with frizzy hair until approximately 3 years ago. So in the beginning of November I got a pretty nice goodiebag with alot of hair products, never would I imagine that gorgeous cream kreatin serum would be my saviour this winter. I have fallen madly and completely for this serum. Unfortunately I have no idea where to buy this product. But I will do my very best to figure it out, because I am crazy about this product. And it smells like you just came from the hairdresser with newly cut hair.




  1. Oh my..I’ve been looking for such hair serum product for months! I’m not familiar with this brand, but it sounds like heaven to me since my hair really needs some extra treatment during the winter hehe..:P Thanks Chris! I’ve did some research as well and it seems like the brand “BioSilk” has also been recommended by many many readers 😉

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