My Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas eve, Christmas day and boxing day is sadly over for this year. I’ve had the most wonderful celebration with my sweet little family including my fiancé. We were actually supposed to spend all those days at his parents house in Vikersund, but because my conscience I could not bear to leave my family alone this year and because of some other miner issues (like not having a car) I made a choice to stay at home and host Christmas for my family who also are less fortunate, so I could give them as much love and happiness they deserve.

Any ways this is how things went down:
IMG_4153 IMG_4271IMG_4292christmas1IMG_4087 IMG_4235 ribbe_kålrabistappe_medisterpolse_medisterkakeIMG_4198IMG_4245IMG_4259 IMG_4252IMG_4307For those who wonders, my mother gave up on Christmas about many years ago, not that I want to blame her she was diagnosed with diabetes so she had her own issues. It was only 3 years ago I started a new tradition: to gather all the kids at my place (because I’m the eldest and the one with my own apartment), my main reason for this was for the sake of my youngest sister. I wanted to give her lots of Christmas memories, like the adults in my life once gave me.



7 thoughts on “My Christmas Eve 2013

  1. Looking beautiful as always babe!! 😉 Spending time with your family during Christmas is like amazing! 🙂 Only a few hours left until 2014 babe! Feeling excited yet? How will you celebrate NY? 😉 Wishing you an awesome, fashionable year filled with love, health, peace and joy!! I’m glad I’ve found you! You’re my best blogger buddy! ❤ Many hugs from me to you 😉 xo

  2. Very nice apartment with all happy faces. It is really good that you take over your mom tradition to have your brother and sisters together for special holidays. Wishing you all very warm Happy New Year -healthy-lucky-successful
    Love from big family in USA

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog dearest aunt! I hope you guys also had a great celebration and I also wish you all a happy new year! Can’t wait to come visit in August

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