Thursday was my dear fiances 30th birthday. I had rented the whole cinema for his day filled it with his friends, family and colleagues. The most fun part was that it was a surprise party, so he knew nothing about it. I have spent three months planning this event, so there has been tons of white lies not to ruin the surprise, and all the people invited has been so good at being quiet about it. When thursday came everything went smoothly.

Everything went better than expected, he was so surprised, after the movies we went eating at T.G.I fridays. His last surprise of the day was the birthday cake, which was a hit as I think this became his new favorite cake.

All in all I hope this gave him a great memory for life!

IMG_1654 IMG_1652 IMG_1668 IMG_1663 IMG_1666 IMG_1685 Tomas Jahr IMG_1680




    • Ja det var veldig artig! Jeg lurte han til å tro at vi skulle på kino kune meg og han. Vi så Frost (eller Frozen), en Norsk inspirert animert disney film, man kan aldri for gammel for sånt 😉 Du den kaken rakk jeg ikke å bake selv, så det ble en ferdig kake kjøpt på butikken. Den heter madeltoffee kake og jeg kjøpte den på Meny. Den minner veldig om en suksessterte 😉

  1. Oh my! You’ve hired the whole cinema for Tomas? That’s so superduper sweet of you!!! I’ve never had a surprise party before, nor arranged a suprise party for my family/friends hahaha! I’m so proud of you that everything went smoothly! Well done, my pretty friend! 😉 xo

    • yes, I did! He told me during the fall that it would be so cool to rent a whole cinema, so to grant his wish, I did 🙂 I think the last year we had a couple of surprise parties. So much fun, but it takes a lot of energy to plan and to make everyone keep quiet is always a challenge! But this time I made over 25 people keep quiet so I am satisfied with that 🙂 Thanks Vivian 🙂


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