Last night was probably one of the best night so far this year. I gathered all my closest friends for a little snack and gossip night. We ended up buying way to much sushi and just simply had a great time. Much needed in my opinion.

Love you girls

IMG_4815 20140201_204401 20140201_204709 IMG_4812I don’t know how many pieces of sushi we ordered, probably around 100. But it was sooo good. I can’t wait until next time I gather them all again 🙂


  1. Oh em geeeeeeeee! I loveeeeeeeee sushi, it’s one of my fave dishes! And yay to the girls’ day/night out, I miss catching up with the girls, too! Hope you’ve enjoyed your day babe! 🙂 Happy Monday! xo

    • Mine too, haven’t been able to eat to much of it because of the diabetes, but now that I’m getting better, I am allowing myself a little more diabetes 😉 I enjoyed the day very much, loved seeing my girls again 🙂


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