My valentine’s day was probably the best Valentine ever! I started the day off with a breakfast/lunch date with Marie, we ate at this little Asian shop right by Rockefeller and afterwards we had coffee at Starbucks. Besides waking up next to my gorgeous man, this is the best way of starting the day, with a friend.

20140214_120408 20140214_115852

On my way home I was asked to check the mail, because my hubs forgot it, which happens sometimes. When I open the mailbox I found this:20140214_141539A scratchcard and a little heart chocolate with “love you” on it. This was not my last surprise, when I opened the door I instantly saw this:

20140214_141817IMG_606320140214_142131A bouquet of flowers in the entrance of the living room, he told me that he wasn’t satisfied with the bouquet in the store so he made the floweriest add some more flowers, a chocolate and a card (where he tried to spell “I Love you” in Vietnamese). How sweet is that. On top op this he said he had booked a table at a restaurant, which would remain a secret until arrival.

When the evening came we drove towards Drammen (a city aprox. 1 hr drive west of Oslo), I was a little mortified, I do not have the fondest memories from Drammen, but he did a good job. He took me to this top/hill called “Spiralen” (which also means Spiral), it’s like a spiral that you drive round and round about 6 and a half times upwards until you get to this breath taking view of the city. I don’t know if he knew this, but I love views like that during the night. I love the lights and the fact that I think of it as glitter that just sparkles. So beautiful. I was so shocked and amazed.20140214_20205220140214_202713

When I was done being amazed, he told me he had reserved a table at Pavarotti in the city centre, when we came in there it looked like a pub but once we got to the restaurant on the 2nd floor it was a whole different story. We go us a romantic table with a rose and candlelight on and around us were only couples. It felt good to just be in a room with so much love. Not being afraid to be a bit cliche.
20140214_220356 20140214_220343 20140214_220318 20140214_231417

We both ordered the Smoking gun burger, which was a 8,8 oz beef burger with BBQ marinaded pulled pork, lettuce and coleslaw and fries on the side. I was so full I didn’t want dessert. haha. but if you’re ever there, I really recommend this burger.
Hand’s down -the best burger I’ve tasted!20140214_22274120140214_222926 – Kopi 20140214_231452

Eventually he told me that the first restaurant he booked was full, and that he didn’t really have a plan B, that he just booked a table at a restaurant as the day went by (how he pulled that off on v-day is a mystery). I don’t think he realized that Pavarotti was perfect. P-E-R-F-E-C-T! I’m not saying that because he’s my fiance and the fact that everything was perfect. I say it because they had the rustique  interior that I love, the brick wall, the old leather coaches,, the metal chairs and lamps, the brown wood beams under the ceiling, the rustique tabletops (reminded me of our dining table at home) and the very best part was the GORGEOUS pictures of the shoes on the wall -I mean how perfect can it be? I want those pictures!

All in all, it was the best Valentines Day ever, ever. You did me proud, Mister! How can I be so lucky to have such an amazing man and companion in my life.



17 thoughts on “MY VALENTINE’S DAY

  1. Such a romantic he is, so cute!!
    I love those city lights also, I was just thinking about it going home tonight to Lillestrøm, because I can see the whole city on my way home. It makes me happy. It reminds me of my time in Maine, US, a little sad small town. I love driving to Montreal in Canada to visit my boyfriend (now husband), and after driving for a long time in the bundochs, I came up a hill, and could see the lights from the city. It always made me feel so happy and free:) So I can relate to the feeling:)

    • Thanks, he is indeed 😉
      oh, maybe I should drive to lillestrøm during night time sometime, just to look at the lights 😉 I’m going to the US for the first time august this year, and I can only imagine all the lights there! 😀 I gett buttrflies in my stomach by the thought if 😛 haha I’m so weird!

      I never knew you met your hubs in Canada 😉 That’s sweet!

      • He he yes, perhaps you should go to Lillestrøm once, to see the lights:) Exciting, to go to the US, where are you heading? Actually, my hubby and I met in the US, he moved to Canada shortly after. I worked there for about a year, moved back to Norway, and we got back in touch later…long, but cute story, he he:)

      • I love how-they-stories 😉 hehe I gave Tomas a 22 days trip to the US, we are spending two nights in NY and then a couple of days in Wisconsin (because we’re meeting up with my family there) and after that we are thinking of a road trip from Chicago to LA -the route 66 🙂 So that will be very exciting if we make it happen 😉

      • Well, the areas are not known to me. My hubby used to live in NYC, he says Central Park, Times Square, the Village, Broadway shows, South Street Seaport, 5th avenue and Madison avenue for shopping. Ellis Island for touristy stuff, Statue of Liberty. There is a large choice of fine dining. trips to the other boroughs, especially Brooklyn…

  2. Awwww love to read your post Chris! Love the way Tomas surprised you on V-day! Thumbs up! 😉 I’m glad you two had a great Valentine’s day! You guys are so sweet! 😉


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