Today was probably one of the best mornings ever. I woke up to the news of Alexander Wang accepting a collaboration with the clothing company H&M. I’ve been so lucky these past 3 years to get an invite to the pre-shopping. So I’m crossing my fingers for an invite in November as well. November 6, remember that date (a day before my birthday, guess what I want for gifts *hint-hint*)

I liked the Isabel Marant colletion but she is NOT one of my fav designers as her style is just not for me. But Wang’s style is rough, its clean, it’s perfect -I personally think I will like his collection more than the previous. But we’ll have to wait and see.

Well done H&M!

You can read more about it HERE:


15 thoughts on “ALEXANDER WANG X H&M

  1. Thanks so much for being in the know. I usually shop at H&M for my sons but I will check out Mr. Wang for my own personal wardrobe. Love H&M and I have been so impressed with the quality of their lines. From what I have read about Alexander his middle name should be quality. Thanks again!

      • I know. I remember the day when I was driving my son to Florida to visit his brother and we were discussing which radio station we should listen to. He finally insisted I listen to what he had on his phone and it was Indie rock. I was blown out of the water with admiration for those songs. It has now become my favorite among many other styles of music I listen to. It is so much fun to see what this generation will come up with next. They are beyond remarkable.

      • I agree, there are alot of great music and music collaboration out there too. I didn’t really listen to anythin but pop before, but now there are so much great music in every genera! it’s so inspiring and fresh 🙂

      • Yes, I think it reveals a wonderful blend of high intelligence and creative insight. I love the arrangements they are haunting in their beauty. My favorite composer is Beethoven but many of the new groups come so close to his brilliance it is mesmerizing.

  2. I can feel your excitement babe! My mouth fell open when I heard that Alexander Wang is working with H&M! I couldn’t believe it and I was so excited hahaha! I immediately texted my friends:p This year I’ll definitely standing in the queue again even though it’s raining cats and dogs! Can’t wait!! xo

  3. Er ikke så veldig fan selv, men elsker at det kommer mye forskjellige. Jeg er veldig dårlig på designere og sånt 😛 Wow, nå ploppa det plutselig opp noe innlegg fra deg på Bloglovinlista her!


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