My Easter started with me getting a perm, as my friend needed a hair model. I volunteered and I love the results!

On good Friday I spent time with good friends…how ironic! We went on an Easter egg hunt and ate tons of sushi ❤

On Easter eve we decided to BBQ because it was so hot and sunny, my siblings also came over to spend the next few days with us.

Easter for Norwegians means Lamb, usually leg of lamb or leg of mutton. We love this tradition, we had this for dinner.

And before it all was over a walk was necessary

This was a quick review of my city Easter holiday. I hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays too. Later on tonight I’ll be attending Vixens “Pink Party” -I can’t wait 🙂


5 thoughts on “MY EASTER HOLIDAY

  1. Spreka!Naaam =) Så mye herlig! Flotte tider med god mat og selskap. Grilling er et stort pluss så tidlig på året spør du meg. Og jeg elsker håret, viiirkelig.

    • Prøver å være sprek, det er litt opp og ned med det, alt avhengig av hælen. Helt enig er et kjempe stort pluss med grilling så tidlig, vi har fjort mye av det i det siste (har tatt igjen for i fjor for da var det ikke mye utegrilling på oss) 😛 Jeg og elsker håret, deilig å stå opp hver dag med masse volum! 🙂


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