But first let me take a selfie…

This I would call “Totally Boss award” if I were to translate it to English. The award basically focuses on youth who is aspiring, creative, hard working and who’s a role model. Anyone can nominate a person they feel fit the description (it’s unfortunately only for Norwegians) The winner gets a year of coaching in their field and 10 000 NOK and the award “Helt Sjef”. If you know someone you should definitely nominate them at www.heltsjef.com

Last year I also was an ambassador for this award. This year a couple of bloggers were gathered to have a “totally boss” evening. The rapper Danny Maroc also had a small intimate concert. His lyrics are in Norwegian, I usually don’t like norwegian music, but Danny has an awesome tune to it. My fav som was “Brevduer” love it.

I for once forgot my DSLR at home so some of the photos are borrowed. Thanks to www.astridhelen.femelle.no  (se is standing next to me on the the picture above) for the loan of the food picture and Kristoffer Myhre. The top picture and bottom picture is from my awesome Samsung Galaxy s4. I also want to give a special shoutout to Christina Fraas for this amazingly putting together this event, you’re truly the best ❤


8 thoughts on “HELT SJEF EVENT @ CAFÉ SØR

    • Takk Ellinor, Jeg tror ikke jeg hilste på deg på eventet, men akk ja alltid noen som har øynene sine igjen (eller mat i munnen som som jeg hadde på mange bilder) hehe 😉


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