I’ve had a couple of rounds with myself on this decision to change the appearance for my blog. For about 7 years I’ve been blogging under “” and I’ve really grown to love it. But now that I’m heading in to start my life long dream I discovered that my name was very similar to another Norwegian fashion designer (Christina Ledang), which in this case I don’t want people to mistaken us. My brand will be my full Chinese/Vietnamese name anyways but personally, that will probably be another story. Many of you guys don’t know that my first name really is “Christina Evelyn” so when it all comes down to it, I will use Evelyn (because Christina Evelyn is too long to use), which I did when I went to SoFI and that is also what my friends in England also use.

For some I will always be “Chris” or “Christina” or even my Chinese/Vietnamese name will probably be used too. So it’s up to each and one of my friends, I respond to both Christina and Evelyn. For some it may seem a little weird, but for me is a start of a new chapter in my life, with fashion school, almost reversed my illness and eventually as a wife.

So what does my readers think?


6 thoughts on “THE “NEW” ME

  1. Awww you’re so cuteeeeeeeee! It doesn’t matter whether it’s Christina Dang or Evelyn Dang, you are still my happy, lovely Chris! 😉 Good luck! xo


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