Yesterday was the pre-premiere of Disney’s Maleficent. I felt so lucky when we were told that we were the first ones in the world to see the movie – that’s huge for my Disney loving heart!

The movie blowed my mind away, I had so high expectations to the costumes of Maleficent, so when her first appearance as the “evil” Maleficent I was sold (I was sold from the get go really). She looked amazing and her accent -OH MY GOD! Have I mentioned that I loved it (I’ll probably be misusing this word -so bear with me!)

I’m sure that many of you remember Disney’s sleeping beauty from 1959, I grew up watching it and loving it. This is a live-action re-telling of that movie. When I was younger I hated Maleficent, she was scary. But when it was announced that Angelina Jolie was to play her in the upcoming movie, I was excited and thrilled. After the movie I ended up loving her character and her story, Disney changed my view on everything. Disney made me a new and great memory that will last forever, just like they did with Sleeping Beauty when I saw it for the first time 15 years ago. Maleficent has moments where I got flashbacks to my childhood, and that was an amazing feeling. I love Disney, and hope that my kids in the future will enjoy both Sleeping beauty and Maleficent (and every other Disney movie) as much as I do. Of course there was some stuff I felt they should have done differently, but they were so small that it isn’t worth mentioning.

There were so many sweet and funny scenes. Some of you have heard that her own daughter, Vivienne, plays Princess Aurora at 5 years old, that scene was incredibly beautiful! She is a potential future actress perhaps ❤

Here is THE favorite scene -why you ask? It’s because it’s one of the most iconic moments for sleeping beauty brought to life, they couldn’t have made this scene any better! Angelina Jolie is fearless beautiful in this scene, specially the 00:55 moment. Priceless.

All in all, I think this is a great movie for the whole family both older and younger generation. And I truly recommend everyone to see it. This clip from the event two weeks ago:



  1. ÅÅÅ du skriver så bra! Herre man kan ikke bruke for mye “Love” når det kommer til Disney, går ikke ann det. Disney = Love. For et hærlig klipp av Angelina Jolie, enig med deg, den scenen er ikonisk!!


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