Last Wednesday I went to the coolest event ever. EVER. I was so lucky to be invited to Ecco Leather Factory Petit to have a look at their leather goods. For me Ecco means shoes, high quality, soft and great shoes. But I learned at this event that they are the leading distributor of leather fabrics in the world. They provide leather to alot of fashion houses and other companies I honestly didn’t know. It was so enriching and inspiring to hear and be apart of a night like that, we were told that they had tried to bring their studio from Dongen in the Netherlands with them to Oslo, so we would get the feeling of stepping in to their working space, they did a perfect job. I only became to love Ecco more.

During the event, each one of us got to make our own little leather clutch. It had the same design but we got to choose the leather fabric and colour and in the end put it together. Even though we all had the same type of clutch the results came out very different. I ended up with a burgundy clutch.

They also had an ongoing instagram competition during the event, where we had to post a picture and hashtag it. I’m proud and happy to tell you I was one of the 2 lucky winners. Yay me!


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