I’ve been situated in Copenhagen since Tuesday, as a part of our freshman year expedition. Next year there will be an expedition to India and China I think. While we’ve been here we’ve been visiting Saga furs and a lot of fashion trade fairs (which I will write more about later on).

On Wednesday we had an excursion to Saga Furs Design Centre, right outside Copenhagen. I know there is a lot of readers out there who don’t like fur, I have mixed feelings about it as I don’t hate it and I don’t love it. But to have the chance to learn about fur history was intriguing and interesting.

The tour at saga furs design centre was split in three parts. Introduction, showroom and workshop. During the introduction we learned about when saga furs started their business and how they have evolved with the years, as well as how they have re-invented them selves to fit into the 21st century fashion world. It’s and old company, they started up right after world war 2 and is the only company in the world who’s listed for having auctions where buyers can bid for an amount of fur. Saga Furs has also earned a reputation as the world pioneer in responsible fur breeding.

During the presentation we also got to know some of the companies that has worked with Saga Furs. And there was an impressing client list, to say the least.

After presentation we headed off to the showroom. Where we were shown different techniques to make fur into garments, and how the right technique could make the lightest fur coats. They have this “fur laboratory” where designers and students can experiment and learn how to work with fur.

And then we got to see some stuff made by well known fashion houses and designers. This coat from Dior. She also showed us some stuff from Jennifer Lopez collections, from years ago.

When we got to the workshop, It kind of got overwhelming for me. One thing is to see the fur as a coat is one, but to actually see the the animal skin lying there was too weird for me. There is this double standard about the whole fur thing, where as I don’t mind it being on a garment but I don’t necessary like the way we slaughter animals to get it. After seeing this I don’t think I will use fur in any of my collections, but I wont say never, because anything can happen. This is where this quote fits perfectly:

“Fur is not fabric you have to use, but a tool to make your design more experimental”

All in all I had an educational day, I learned about an industry that is both hated and loved by so many. At the end of the day, I have the greatest respect for the people who both likes and dares to work with this, it is truly unique and special. It’s a great experienced to have had.


6 thoughts on “#SAGA_FURS

  1. huff,nei jeg synes ikke noe om pels. Men jeg hadde ikke hart noe i mot å lære om det. Pels er jo et av de eldste stoff matdrialene i verden så. Dette var spennende å lese.


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