Valentine this year was spent without my boyfriend, as he had the night shift. My plus one for the day was Silje, she came all the way from Brevik to spend time with me at the Fifty Shades of Grey pre-styling and cinema event. We ate good food and drank good wine. Our hair was styled by the fabulous team of Headmasters London (you can’t complain about that!). I was lucky to be styled by the same team at last years Pink Party. This year like the previous one – a success!

Some of my favourite things to do is getting my hair done. Normally I have straight-typical-asian hair, some times I love it, some times I hate it. So with my hairstylist for the day, Michelle, we decided on waves, and it turned out even better than what I expected. Love.

Picture above from Astrid’s blog – she also took some gorgeous photos

Gorgeous hair!

After the pre-styling event, we went off to the movie-theatre to the premier of Fifty Shades of Grey, which I enjoyed, even though all the naked scenes did throw me off a bit…but I liked the humour in it! And I’ve never read the books, but in the beginning of the film I saw a lot of similarities to Twilight (as E.L James was inspired by twilight, Bella and Edward) but that faded away eventually -no doubt *laugh*

When I got home I got a bouquet of gorgeous roses in a bronze metal vase with a card, scratchcard, my favourite chocolate and a heart balloon. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.



    • Bli med neste gang da, jeg kan jo si ifra, men da må du komme til Oslo 😉 Skjønte det var litt smak og behag rundt den filmen, jeg synes det var underholdene jeg da 😛

  1. Naaw, det beste av alt + litt ekstra! Så fin du ble. et var en skikkelig jentekveld. Jeg og vil ha sånt fult opplegg!! Jeg tror det er kun de som ikke har lest bøkene som likte filmen.Jeg kjente ikke igjen historen og det dårlige skuespillet ødela det for meg. Ingen dominant og mektighet for meg :p Men bra du likte den!

    • Var en veldig koselig dag, jeg tror jeg var glad for at jeg ikke hadde lest bøkene, så det var deilig å bare dra dit litt uviten 😉 Synes de var flinke som skuespillere jeg, de er absolutt ingen oscar kandidater, men det var helt greit for min del 😉 hehe

  2. Den filmen var møkk dårlig, jeg var så skuffa da jeg dro fra salen. Men du så strålende ut som vanlig ❤ fine blomster

    • Vet ikke om jeg svarte deg, men synd du synes filmen var så dårlig, jeg kjenner jeg er veldig glad for at jeg har holdt meg unna bøkene 😉 hehe Takk takk, følte meg veldig knæsj men, hehe 😉

  3. My lovely Chris! Firstly, I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day with Tomas even though he had the night shift! Secondly, you changed the layout of your blog! It looks super awesome! Thirdly, you look effortlessly chic with the wavy hair! Love it 😉 Oh and I didn’t know that Fifty shades was included with some humour hehehe…would love to see the movie too! Happy Monday! xo Vivian

    • I did not get to see him at all on valentines day, as he had night shift and slept all day Saturday. But I got beautiful flowers, and chocolate. Thanks for noticing the new layout, I figured I haven’t changed my layout in 2 years, so it was about time 🙂 Besides the naked scenes I felt it was a chick flick, and I loved the music too. I laughed a lot and loved the jokes 🙂 I recommend it, and oh, I never read the books, so I guess I saw it with different kind of perspective 😉


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