I’ve been looking forward to this getaway for a while now. Before New Years I was told that my parents-in-law had bought a one week cruise in the Mediterranean for the whole family on worlds largest cruise ship: Allure of the sea. Five months seemed so far away, but when the day arrived, I was so excited.

It was also my first trip with my hubs entire family (parents, siblings and their respective partners, and their kids) – all in all we were 13 people travelling together. 10 adults and 3 children.

Unfortunately I didn’t take much pictures on board the ship. But too many when we came ashore in the different cities.

We boarded in Barcelona and from there the ship sailed to Palma de Malloca, Provence (Marseille), La Spezia (Piza/Florence), Civitaveccia (Rome), Capri (Naples) and the last day at sea. We pre-purchased a 5 city package which included transfer and a guided tour to 5 different cities.

Here’s the list:

Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
Cassis (France)
Florence (Italy)
Rome (Italy)
Pompeii (Italy)

We did not go ashore in Palma, but in the four other cities, I took A LOT of pictures.

Our staterooms had a balcony and the picture under shows the view first night.


2 thoughts on “THE PERFECT GETAWAY

  1. Stopping by to tell you that I really miss our girls talk! 🙂 Since I no longer have my personal FB account plus I’m losing my interest in IG, I was wondering whether you have Snapchat? We can snap and chat with each other! 😉 Have a lovely day babe! xo Vivian

    • Hi babe! Oh no, I still love IG. I have snapschat, good idea, and yes ofc we must add each other on snapchat! My snapchat is evelyndang 😉 Cant wait to snap with you ❤


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