Whenever I decide to sit down and write about all the fun things that I’ve experienced, I tend to end up doing something else. That’s why I’m slow, sorry. I’m also way too good at given myself vacation from the blog. But then again I will always return to it!

So to continue writing about the cruise at the Mediterranean sea. Our fourth day was spent in Rome, Italy. It was our, -by our I mean me and Tomas’ first visit to Rome. We went ashore in Civitavecchia, which is the main port to Rome, even though it’s 4 hours away from the city centre.

We had 10 hours in the city so we did not make it back in time for family dinner. But the trip was really worth it.

The bus stopped near the Trevi Fountain, which to my big surprise was shut down due to restoration, it will open again in 2017…such a bummer

From the Piazza di Trevi, we walked past the Palazzo Venezia, which used to be a church in the 1400s, untill Mussolini turned it into his office during world war 2.

As we had Palazzo Venezia on our right hand side, we had Altare della Patria or the Victor Emmanuel 2 monument right in front of us. It was large, white and beautiful.

And from this rather enormous monument we headed for the Colosseum!

Colosseum was large and more dirtier than I thought, and even though it was a big deal it really wasn’t all that…don’t get me wrong, I think that if we were to have more time and to have a look inside it, would probably had made more of an impression on me, next time maybe.


On our way to the Vatican state we had to pass through the gates where there was a lot of gypsies, and we were told to be careful of our belongings. I felt we were going to be robbed…haha luckily we didn’t. The Vatican state was different, I don’t really know what I expected, maybe more grand (?)

After haveing a look at the St. Peters Square we had lunch in one of the restaurants by the main road. It was really nice and of course we had to order some real Italian food ❤


After this we went back to the cruise ship and headed for Naples, Italy.

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