Lately, going back to my roots and doing things I used to do as a child has been really important to me. It might be that I’m getting married next year and wants to show my future husband that in the midst of my challenging upbringing there were also good times. I’m showing him fun things that I used to do, small things, that has tremendous sentimental value for me.

These pictures is from a place called Ekeberg, now this view doesn’t really have that sentimental value (but the it’s breathtaking, and we could see our flat from there), but a bit farther upon the hill, there is a mini golf course that has been there since before I was born. My best friend and her parents used take us there when we were younger. The place still brings out good memories.

2 thoughts on “ON TOP OF THE WORLD

  1. Så koselig! Jeg drar ofte på slike turer når vi er hjemmom på øya. Jeg synes det er viktig at de blir kjent med ting som har betydd noe for oss, om motsatt.


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