I see now that I’ve done two blog posts during October, which is not good, I know I have friends in other countries who loves to read my blog, but I have so little time and so little inspiration these days. I’ve had a lot on my mind.

One thought has been to put this blog to rest, next year I’ve been a blogger for 9 years or 10 was it…? Second thought, is new dreams…yes, new dreams, I’ve known my whole life that I wanted to become a designer, but after getting sick and all, I have to put my health first. Which means that I’m not cut out for the life of a designer any more, well not yet any ways. When that being said, I don’t know what else to turn to, which is unbelievably weird, I feel so empty…I have to re-think everything. What I know for sure now is: I am getting married next year – yay! and I’m turning 26 next week!

October month has been a quiet month, England has qualified to play in the European championships next year, I’ve been to my elementary school reunion, I went to several schools but this one was far the best. We’ve finally sent out all the save-the-dates cards, I will post more next month, well hopefully…haha we’ll see…

Happy first day of November!

5 thoughts on “INSTAMONTH OCTOBER 2015

  1. Syns ikke du skal slutte, men ta deg en lang og god pause og få inspirasjonspåfyll! Har fulgt bloggen så lenge og den er fin. Ikke gi opp!


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