A quick recap of August. I cut my summer vacay short because school started earlier than I expected, I started at the College Univeristy in Oslo and Akershus, fashion and design. I am pretty satisfied with that. I’ve met tons of great people whom I can’t wait to get to know better. The toga-party was much fun, I absolutely love to dress up 🙂 I also took time to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday in the end of August. The weather was great. Autumn came crashing down in the beginning of September as we had rain for a whole week! Hopefully I will be able to do a bit more blogging this month.



Rikitg god mandag til dere alle sammen. Det er ganske sjeldent jeg skriver på norsk, men noen unntak finnes det jo.

Denne gangen har jeg den ære av å dele ut et brude-kit/make-up bag (verdi 600 kr) til en kommende brud. Denne flotte make-up bagen er en hver bruds lifesaver. Selv står jeg brud i 2016 og synes derfor at denne konkurransen er ekstra stas! Bagen er delvis sponset og siden jeg synes det ble så “lite” slang jeg på litt ekstra!

Meld gjerne på en brud du kjenner! Jeg trekker en tilfeldig vinner 1. september.

For å være med må gjøre følgende:

-Like på facebook og dele konkurransen videre
-Skrive ned bryllupsdato (eller måned og år) du/bruden skal gifte deg og e-mail adresse i kommentarfeltet nedenfor


I bagen får du følgende (du får også bagen):
1 x Clinique Maskara*
1 x Clinique ansikts serum*
1x Clinique øyenskygge/ rouge pallett*
1 x leppomade (cherry) fra Oilily
1 x Hårspray fra Kerastase
1 x Test Shampoo fra Kerastase
2 x  Selftanning sheets fra Comodynes
3 x Gnagsårplaster fra Salvequick
1 x Bryllups Magasinet*

*sponset produkter



Since I got accepted into college university, I’ve bee looking through my wardrobe and I found my latest purchase, or it’s my latest quality purchase. I got 6 beautiful pieces at the Holzweiler Agency.

I was a part of the Holzweiler team right before the summer started and had a blast working with them. A true family business with amazing people. A truly fun working experience.

My pieces consists of: One 100% silk printed trousers, two wool sweaters, white knee-length shorts -these three are all from Holzweiler brand. Two blouses one with light orange stripes and one in dusty pink – these two from Humanoid. It was a real bargain and it will be great for everyday use.

You might wonder what I’m going to study at the College University in Oslo and Akershus and that is Art and Design – Fashion Industry. I spent a lifetime getting in because it’s so hard to get accepted (the score/points are really high). Last year was a bust, so I hope that this will be better -Much better!



I’ve taken quite a lot of pictures over the summer, I haven’t had the time to post anything. Busy bee you know (or at least I pretend to be)

Anyways these pictures were taken on my way to a Birthday dinner, we did a swiftly shoot in the back yard, I couldn’t concentrate, I was goof the whole time (the few minutes)! I found this old golden dress in the back of my closet and paired it with my ecco sandals in gold and purple.



Whenever I decide to sit down and write about all the fun things that I’ve experienced, I tend to end up doing something else. That’s why I’m slow, sorry. I’m also way too good at given myself vacation from the blog. But then again I will always return to it!

So to continue writing about the cruise at the Mediterranean sea. Our fourth day was spent in Rome, Italy. It was our, -by our I mean me and Tomas’ first visit to Rome. We went ashore in Civitavecchia, which is the main port to Rome, even though it’s 4 hours away from the city centre.

We had 10 hours in the city so we did not make it back in time for family dinner. But the trip was really worth it.

The bus stopped near the Trevi Fountain, which to my big surprise was shut down due to restoration, it will open again in 2017…such a bummer

From the Piazza di Trevi, we walked past the Palazzo Venezia, which used to be a church in the 1400s, untill Mussolini turned it into his office during world war 2.

As we had Palazzo Venezia on our right hand side, we had Altare della Patria or the Victor Emmanuel 2 monument right in front of us. It was large, white and beautiful.

And from this rather enormous monument we headed for the Colosseum!

Colosseum was large and more dirtier than I thought, and even though it was a big deal it really wasn’t all that…don’t get me wrong, I think that if we were to have more time and to have a look inside it, would probably had made more of an impression on me, next time maybe.


On our way to the Vatican state we had to pass through the gates where there was a lot of gypsies, and we were told to be careful of our belongings. I felt we were going to be robbed…haha luckily we didn’t. The Vatican state was different, I don’t really know what I expected, maybe more grand (?)

After haveing a look at the St. Peters Square we had lunch in one of the restaurants by the main road. It was really nice and of course we had to order some real Italian food ❤


After this we went back to the cruise ship and headed for Naples, Italy.


And with a boom July and the official summer vacay is over. I can’t really say we’ve had a good summer here in Norway, with the rain and sun taking shifts each day. We’ve had a really relaxing and lazy July, we’ve stayed in the city and done absolutely nothing. We’ve been working, haha. I also got accepted into college university, both BA Journalism and Fashion Design. I accepted the fashion design studies. I’m so excited! August will be much fun, I will also be writing more about wedding stuff.

Oh and about that, a big congrats to Vivian who got engaged 23 July<3

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