Our third day of the cruise was spent in Florence, Italy. The excursion was named “A taste of Florence” which REALLY gave us a taste of Florence, we didn’t really have any expectations, but when we drove through Tuscany, I fell more and more in love. Much love on this trip!

The port of embarkation was La Spezia. La Spezia is also the main military and shipping harbour in Italy, and the nearest port to Florence and Pisa. It took us 2 hours bu bus to the city center, but I didn’t mind because of the pretty scenery (Tuscany). On the way we stopped by a leather factory, Pierrotucci, they had both workshop and showroom with both Italian brands as well as International brands. I ended up with two items!

We did not get to see Pisa but we had 4 hours in Florence, including a mini walk with the tour guide through the city. First stop was the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Del Fiore at the Piazza del Duomo. This cathedral is the main church of Florence. The construction of the cathedral began in the end of 1200s and was finished in the beginning of 1400s. It was big, beautiful and breath taking. The façade was just amazing, I can understand why this is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site!

After the tour, I think it lasted an hour or so, we sat down at cafe in the middle of a square called Piazza della Signoria, we had pizza and pasta (of course), we bought gelato and coffee before we walked down to Ponte Vecchio the famous medieval bridge with the shops on.

On our way to Ponte Vecchio we manage to walk by the leather marked, which was huge and filled with leather goods. Everything from leather belts to wallets to bags to aprons. In front of the marked was this bronze warthog statue, where you could rub its nose for good luck.

At the end of the streets we found the bridge…at least that was what we thought, we took pictures and selfies and were pretty satisfied until we realized we had taken pictures of the wrong bridge…haha we found the right bridge and we randomly asked a (German) guy to take our picture. When I realized that the memory card on my camera was full, I had no other choice than to give him my camera to take pictures with, surprisingly the picture turned out amazing as this German was a photographer, yay! Thank you German Photographer!

The day ended with this gorgeous sundown on deck!

I think we’re going back in the future, most likely to explore all the medieval villages (like the one in the second picture).


I think I know myself too well, I wrote last month that I hoped I would be done with writing about the cruise we went on the last week in May, well that did not happen. June has been a hectic month (the last half year has been hectic). I’ve been working non stop, there has been a lot of meetings and events such as weddings and birthdays.

It takes more time to blog and to write about it here on the blog. So for quicker updates be sure to follow me on instagram.


While on board Allure of The Sea they had daily activities and dress code for dinner. Which made it so much more fun. I love to have a reason to dress up (I often give myself a reason too, just because it’s fun). Two different nights it was Captains choice and he chose “Black Tie”. I thought I would keep it light and summer-themed but when I saw the other guests (think they were Americans), I really felt under-dressed (I hate that feeling)! They came in like they were on the red carpet, with their long sequin dresses and beautiful done hair. I’ll definitely remember to take it all out next time, -YES, there will be a next time, hopefully in the Caribbean!


Top: Made it myself // Skirt: Primark // Shoes: Roots // Clutch: Forever 21


As you all know, I went on a cruise in the Mediterranean sea a couple of weeks ago. We bought this excursion package, giving us the chance to visit 5 different cities with a tour guide. As we skipped going ashore in Palma de Mallorca, our first day ashore was in Marseille, France.

Marseille had a beautiful port, the first thing we saw when we came of the ship was these people dressed up in what looked like a costume, national costume maybe?

From the port we were transferred in coaches straight through Marseilles and up on the hills and over to the little village of Cassis. On the way to Cassis we got to experience the great landscape that surrounded this beautiful coast city. Up in the hills we saw vineyards upon vineyards, as Cassis are known for good white and rose wine.

The ferris wheel in the old Port of Marseille, it does not have enclosed cabins!

Approximately 20 minutes later we arrived in Cassis, the streets were so small that we had to change to these small trains. Which was bumpy, uncomfortable yet a lot of fun.

I wasn’t impressed when we got of the train, but after a quick walk through Rue Bremond I could see the harbour and the castle on top of the mountain. The water was clear blue and the small fisherman boats were lined up on my right hand side and on the other side all the restaurants, giving the perfect village feeling. French village feeling (is that even a feeling?!). Now I stared to get impressed. the whole place was breathtaking!

The historicans think that Cassis was founded by the Greeks, eventhough it doesn’t exist any evidence of that. But Cassis used to be a Roman city once and an important harbour for the emperor Anotninus Pius (86 AD-161 AD), who used the port as a trading port between North Africa and the middel East. Cassis main importance today is one of three harbour for the French Navy.

We had 2 hours to ourselves so we had a quick walk up and down their shopping street (which was 100 meters or less) and after that we sat down and had a coffee by on of the cafès by the harbour.

It was a bit sad that we didn’t get the chance to explore Marseille, but on the other side we did drive through it in our coach with the tour guide, in the end I didn’t feel like I missed out too much.


I’ve been looking forward to this getaway for a while now. Before New Years I was told that my parents-in-law had bought a one week cruise in the Mediterranean for the whole family on worlds largest cruise ship: Allure of the sea. Five months seemed so far away, but when the day arrived, I was so excited.

It was also my first trip with my hubs entire family (parents, siblings and their respective partners, and their kids) – all in all we were 13 people travelling together. 10 adults and 3 children.

Unfortunately I didn’t take much pictures on board the ship. But too many when we came ashore in the different cities.

We boarded in Barcelona and from there the ship sailed to Palma de Malloca, Provence (Marseille), La Spezia (Piza/Florence), Civitaveccia (Rome), Capri (Naples) and the last day at sea. We pre-purchased a 5 city package which included transfer and a guided tour to 5 different cities.

Here’s the list:

Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
Cassis (France)
Florence (Italy)
Rome (Italy)
Pompeii (Italy)

We did not go ashore in Palma, but in the four other cities, I took A LOT of pictures.

Our staterooms had a balcony and the picture under shows the view first night.


May went by so quick, I both hate that an love that about spring. May was hectic, there has been events, collabs, celebration and travelling. Since me and my fiance and his family went on a cruise in the Mediterranean last week in May, I had no time to blog. But I’ve tried posting pictures on Instagram. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to write about my trip before June is over, haha.