Friday and the weekend couldn’t have arrived any faster. I’ve had loads of things to do lately. School has been crazy, but yet so much fun. My classmates are a bundle of joy, love the arguments that emerges every other day. This week we’ve made the classic shirt, I remember I made one many years ago, 8 years ago maybe…I’m getting old 😛

I’ve never enjoyed weekends as much as I do now, I’ve quit wearing make up to school, even though I only used an eyeliner and a littlebit of rouge. I’m thinking of having a “shop-stop” period soon, not that I shop that much, but I’m becoming more picky when I’m looking for clothes and being a student is hard, my wallet is basically on a diet, a strict one.

 Any who, here are Today’s tee: Captain America, paired with a blue skirt and boots, it’s still too hot for boots…


haha, I just realized that I’ve been up to no good at school today, that happens sometimes… and these are all pictures from snapchat



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